Welcome to Sénégal in the UK!

AFRICA-HUB & Deli is a West African  with Senegalese Specialities focusing on healthy, nutritious African cuisine and a deli store where you can buy a range of carefully selected products also a catering service for individuals and businesses.

(restaurant opening soon)

Senegalese famous Yassa 

Chicken or fish! You choose your favourite

with onions confit accompanied with vegetable casserole and olives 

Your Sunday Thiéboudièn or Wednesday Mafé


From 1pm to 4pm

Thiéboubién +1 more dish


From 1pm to 4pm

Mafé +1 more dish

To order call/WhatsApp

 Call 07387755117

(for delivery ££, call / text us at 07387755117 or on whatsup).

Within 5 miles radius £5 minimum and £1 for every mile

And remember to get your drinks bissap, bouye or ginger

250ml - 500ml - 1L

(pour la livraison appelez-nous / text au 07387755117 ou sur whatsup).

Dans un rayon de 5 miles, £ 5 minimum et £ 1 pour chaque mile (voir conditions)

Et n'oubliez pas de commander vos boissons bissap, bouye ou gingembrevegetarian please get in touch

Contact us to see what we can do for you!  


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Our Really Super Awesome & Wonderfully Magnificent Event You Should Attend 


Our Really Super Awesome & Wonderfully Magnificent Event You Should Attend 


Senegalese jolof rice:
  • Thiéboudièn
  • Thiébou yapp
  • Yassa (Chicken or fish)with white rice
  • Mafé (Peanut butter sauce with white rice)

Starters/ Nibbles 

AfricaHubDeli salad

Fataya (Senegalese samosas) served with our home made chilli sauce

Accara ( black eyed beans fritters)

Beignets sweet donut 

Order takeaway/Delivery 

We hope to grow our business enough to be able to deliver everywhere, at the moment We can deliver if it is not too far from SW

Any query please do contact us

Senegalese Products £££ available in powder or in juices to buy 

  • Bissap (Sorel/Hibiscus)
  • Bouye (Baobab fruit)
  • Thiakry (cooked millet)
  • Araw (millet porridge)
  • Café Touba

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